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Beautiful and silky dog quilt

Beautiful and silky dog quilt

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Discover this beautiful dog plush. Strong Machoire and soft hair helps us to separate the dog. This beautiful plush synthetic fabric embroidery has embroidery. It's great if you like to make big hugs.

Command Included:

1 plush

  • ​​Composition: Fabrics >
  • ​​Color:
  • polyester cotton filling
  • Quality sewing
  • Birth adapted
  • Not in stores 🐶
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees

If you are a company selling toys and quilts, do not hesitate to contact us for a possible order!

Our Mission: To improve the lives of healthy children.

You will make your child happy with this beautiful dog plush 2>

Do you want to make your child happy? You will satisfy it thanks to this dog toy . Customer satisfaction is our priority in Plush Wiz.

Feel this plush and an invasion of a wave of peace and sensitivity invades you. Before discovering a rhyme, he keeps your baby in his bed next to the plush. This cotton dog will help your baby fall asleep easily. Little children have a gift for dialogue with their quilts, don't be surprised to see the dialogue of beautiful dog . They always manage to create friendship ties with velvet balls.

The main material for the outside of our filled animals is mainly synthetic fabric /B>. A quality blanket is a quilt full of quality cotton . Texture

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