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Large giant Plush Wiz Plush Blue Bear 100 Cm

Large giant Plush Wiz Plush Blue Bear 100 Cm

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Big Plush Wiz Plush Wiz SPAN> Blue Bear has a knot that emphasizes its grace from its neck. The claws and nose are processed directly to the fur to give a smooth appearance.

Creates an emotional bond and becomes a loyal quilt.

Blue Bear Plush: Guaranteed comfort for your smallness. h3> Thanks to its

thickness and height of 1 m, offers your child a feeling of security. softness lies in furs and listened to smaller Streetstrong>.

Plush Add the blue bear to the basket with a single click! Data-MCE-Style = "Text-Decoration: Underline;">


  • Approximately dimensions. : 100 cm
  • Registered age: + 0 months
  • Model: Bear
  • Species: Plush toy
  • Color: Blue
  • Product under official license. Hidden rights for original owners.

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