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Big Giant Cute Toy Pink Bear 100 Cm Pink

Big Giant Cute Toy Pink Bear 100 Cm Pink

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Toy pink bear with great giant love 100 cm: Children's faces happily polishing plush!

Are you looking for a gift idea for children? In the pink plush, you will fall for the bears! Beautiful Surprise For children!

why > Is it different from other filled animals? h3>

created by paying particular attention to the details. O super Realistic It is embroidered in color.

smile that will warm everyone's heart. , cabbage bite

It can be used immediately as soon as it comes out of the packaging, because it does not require a assembly on your side. Plush does not contain any object that may drown your child.

Lack of an electronic system. This is recommended for children over three years of age.

Pink plush your child's playful friend!

Features :

  • Color: Rose
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Composition: Polyester
  • Registered age: + 3 years
  • User Manual: es-PT-EN
  • Included batteries: No
  • The battery works: no
  • Lights: No
  • requires a assembly: no
  • Voice: No
  • Approximately dimensions. : 100 cm
  • Model: Bear
  • Species: Plush toy
  • Product under official license. Hidden rights for original owners.

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