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White -Colorful Dog Empty

White -Colorful Dog Empty

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Discover this white dog plush. Children love these dogs with a white jacket. This white dog is full of plush cotton. Ideal for the awakening of babies.

Command Included:

- 1 White Dog Plush

  • ​​Composition: Fabrics >
  • ​​Weight: 1 kg
  • ​​Color:
  • polyester cotton filling
  • Quality sewing
  • Birth adapted
  • Not in stores 🐶
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees

If you are a company selling toys and sofas, do not hesitate to contact us for a possible order!

Our Mission: To improve the lives of children.

This white dog plush is a magnificent gift idea

Do you want to make your child happy? This White dog plush you will make it happy. In Plush Wiz, 5% of us are donated for ecology.

You will hug this plush and you will feel a sweetness and sensitivity invading you. Before discovering a rhyme, he keeps your baby in his bed next to the plush. This quality dog ​​will help your baby fall asleep easily. Children donate to communicate with their best -filled friends, Don't be surprised to see that they communicate with the white dog pluster . Very often, they manage to create friendships with velvet balls.

The component used to do the outside of our filled animals is completely Synthetic fabric , r for the essay and softness. An effective fill of our filled animals is a quality quality It continues to be the best material for plush. Thanks to its soft texture, Cotton makes filled animals more pleasant to the touch.

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