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Pink pig empty

Pink pig empty

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Douche de Porch Very Soft Pink Color 20 cm 2>

a birthday gift, birth gift or another extraordinary opportunity, please, this pink pig quilt with your child . The fabric makes this quilt silky. With small legs , this pig will help your baby find sleep. The whole small tail helps us to characterize the pig well. This quilt with pink -coated, can be used as Velvet Companion , bedroom decoration .



  • Composition: Wool and Quality cotton
  • ​​Color: pink
  • polyester cotton filling
  • Quality sewing
  • Adapted from birth
  • Cannot be boarded in the store
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees

If you want to explore other pork-shaped animals, take a look at our wide collection: how do you wash the pink quilt:

  • We call soft washing, a thin fabric grasp and soapy water consists of plunge. Secondly, the coating slightly lusts the desired result. Be careful not to press the cotton pig fabric too much, so not to break it.
  • Finally, after the washing is finished, leave your teddy bear outdoors.
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