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Sewing toy plush

Sewing toy plush

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Sewing Plush: Ideal Friend of Unforgettable Moments Dive into the magical universe of the stitch plush: this 25 cm plush is not a simple toy, but a complete sensory experience.

Sewing: Plush that transforms the room to a magical place
, it triggers a feeling that awakens the memories of the film and creates a certain bond with this symbolic character. In cotton, the ultra -off fur creates a sense of safety for touch with filling.

This plush becomes the protector of dreams and offers your child a night full of magic and adventure.

Stitch Toy Bear is the object of all desires between children! h3>

The small size and impressive face make it a real attention center. your child and his friends.

Recommended for children over the age of 12.

Angel Supply a fascinating experience that arouses its senses to a new dimension of pleasure.


  • Fill: Cotton PP
  • Material: Cotton
  • Age: 12 + Y, 18 +, 14 + y
  • Species: Plush/nano baby
  • Features: Thin hair & amp; Pelicles
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