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Pink plush plush slide 45-65 cm

Pink plush plush slide 45-65 cm

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hyper soft velvet down and long tail with 45-65 cm pink-colored monkey plush

Does your daughter love monkeys? So offer him this amazing monkey plush and pink downstrong> Hyper softness without further delay. This pink primate, which is completely full of soft polyester cotton, will be perfect for very pleasant and unforgettable hugs for touch. This velvet toy will undoubtedly be your baby's favorite friend. In addition, add the smile and small embroidered round eyes, an additional attraction to this pink plush. So don't hesitate and improve your Loulout's awakening using this perfect monkey.

Details of the Monkey:

  • Data-MCE-Style = "Metin-Decoration: Underline;"> Composition
  • Data-MCE-Style = "Metin-Decoration: Underline;"> Dimensions: 45-65 cm
  • Cotton Polyester Hypoallergenic Filling
  • Quality Embroidery
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees

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