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Small Toy Bear 37 cm Toy Bear

Small Toy Bear 37 cm Toy Bear

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This little toy bear is an excellent gift. This plush honey swallowing is perfect for infants. Squeeze this small toy bear very hard in your arms, ideal for the awakening of babies.

Command Included:

- 1 Small Toy Bear

  • ​​Composition: High Quality Wool and Cotton
  • ​​dimensions: 34 cm
  • ​​weight: 450 g
  • ​​color: brown
  • polyester cotton fill
  • quality sewing
  • Birth adapted Cannot be boarded in the store
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees

If you are a company selling toys and quilts, do not hesitate to contact us for a possible order!

Our Mission: To improve the lives of children. If you want to make your child bright, give him this little toy bear.

young children like to be a velvet bear with them. Therefore, velvet bears have a very strong effect on infants. Silky wool furs and sensitivity make them softer than ever. This Small Toy Bear just expects to hug and gain value by a content with content.

Flexible hairs and irresistible texture calms and calms children. This can be employed as a pillow, pillow and even a companion. Every moment experienced with the velvet month, your baby will rethink all childhood stories using plush memories. In addition to being a companion regularly (see the best friends), the toy bear helps children to fall asleep. Tell him stories while falling asleep with his plus in his arms.

This little toy bear is not designed for babies not only for babies

You need a gift for your beloved/loved ones, you can embrace it or remember you. You are at the right place! Adults also have the right to be a bear in the form of bears to find you asleep. Don't limit yourself! Reform below this quilt to feel good.

How to produce a small toy bear 2>

In most cases, our entire teddy month is made with similar materials. By connecting the outside of the bear, we exploit yourself from fabric or wool. Our stitches and embroidery must be handled manually.

We fill them with quality and anti -allergic cotton for the inside of the fabric quilts. We prefer cotton for sweetness and lightness. When you hug your quilt, you will feel pleasant to touch this soft texture.

How can you rinse the small teddy bear:

To wash your small teddy bear , nothing can be simpler. You have two options:

At first you can try to wash your quilt with your machine. You do not need to rub the strong point of the washing machine, but all filled animals cannot be dismissed with a washing machine. First, verify that your plush does not have an electrical object or is too wide. If your quilt can be washed with the machine, place it in a pillow sheath to prevent it from breaking during washing. About the temperature, set the button to maximum 30-40 °. Then dry the plush, rubbing the embroidery with a clean cloth, or let it dry outdoors.

Suitable for other technical quilts, sizes, weights, electric ... Soft washing, you need to buy a lamp and get walnut with water soap. Then carefully clean the signs to the desired result. Be careful not to press too much on cotton bear stitches to prevent deterioration. As a result, after the rinse is finished, let your moon dry outdoors.

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