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Baby plush sewing

Baby plush sewing

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Stitch Plush: A cute friend for Lilo & AMP fans; Sewing h2>

The plush Stitch is an important friend for Lilo & AMP fans; Stitch.

Thanks to its

design, it adds a touch of magic Very cute and colorful and colorful.

Sewing: A Plush Wiz Plush with unique features

Made in a very soft material , this is the incarnation of sustainability.

Stitch Plush is only 18 cm, which makes it very practical and less cumbersome. Easy to maintain and washable manual.

Stitch: The original gift for all situations

This toy plush , birthdays, birth celebrations, baptisms, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc. This is an ideal gift this, this comfortable world -loving children and adults gift idea should be placed in your list.

Today, a plush stitch that will bring comfortable and endless joy to your children!


  • Filling: Cotton pp
  • Material: Cotton
  • Age Recommendation: 12 + Y, 18 +, 14 + y
  • Type: Plush/nano baby
  • Features: Thin hair and AMP; Pelicles

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