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Koala Plush Coudou 30 cm

Koala Plush Coudou 30 cm

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Koala 30 cm plush with flowers in their hands

Don't you have a gift idea for your little child? It is very appreciated by the children of Koala Plush, which is measured by 30 cm long. Fall in love with cute little boiling. His small round eyes, white ears and big black nose give this Koala an irresistible charm for 30 cm . This plush, which holds the eucalyptus leaf with precision, allows you to want to capture a lot against you. Sound gray is super soft downstairs , high -quality polyester wool and cotton.

Size, thanks to the average, your baby can easily carry Koala where it wants. It will help your Toddle to sleep quickly.

  • ​​Dimensions : 30 cm
  • ​​color: White and gray
  • polyester cotton filling
  • Quality sewing
  • Birth adapted Cannot be boarded in the store
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees
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  • You can wash this toy on the washing machine, but do not set the temperature beyond 40 °. You can harm your velvet friend.
  • Allow your Koala to dry outdoors or rub it with a clean towel (gently)
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