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Beige labrador dog empty

Beige labrador dog empty

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This labrador beige plush is a nice gift

Command Included:

- labrador beige plush

  • ​​Composition: Fabrics >
  • polyester cotton filling
  • Quality sewing
  • Birth adapted
  • Not in stores 🐶
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees

If you are a company selling toys and quilts, do not hesitate to contact us for a possible order!

Our Mission: Heal the lives of healthy children.

This Labrador Beige Plush will crack you. It is easier to get to know the strong Machoire and a pleasant coat dog. This beige labrador in the plush is 27 cm long. It is ideal for quickly finding sleep.

Are you looking for a gift for your little child? This Labrador Beige plush you will make it happy. Quality is a know-how in Plush Wiz.

Hug this plush and an wave of peace and sensitivity invades you. When you tell your baby a rhyme rhyme, place this quilt on the bed next to it. This quality dog ​​brings a baby to a deep sleep. Babies have donations to chat with the best -filled friends, don't be surprised to see that they communicate with labrador beige toad . They always manage to create friendship ties with velvet balls.

The main material to improve the outside of our filled animals is definitely Synthetic fabric /B>. 95% of our filled animals are Pen> Handcrafted. Regarding the inside of the plush, we perform the filling with cotton. Of course, Cotton quilts make quilts much more pleasant for touching.

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