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Plush Wiz Mewtwo 22cm

Plush Wiz Mewtwo 22cm

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Mewtwo Tobacco, the magnificent pokemon created by human beings.

Discover the super -powerful Pokemon created by the Rocket team from the Mew DNA.

With its frowned eyebrows, piercing purple eyes and tight fists, we see it immediately that we see that you don't laugh with Mewtwo!

As the name suggests, Mew Two (2 English) is a Mew clone created by a human to give birth to a super pokemon that will serve its interests.

Mewtwo has extraordinary capacities and can overcome almost every enemy. If you manage to dominate, you will not be afraid of anything with Mewtwo!

This plush is super soft and easily carried, ideal for a pokemon fan that wants to buy mewtwo everywhere with it.

Toy Details:

  • Data-MCE-Style = "Metin-Decoration: Underline;"> Composition
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  • Filling polyester cotton
  • Quality Embroidery
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees
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