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Mignon Plush Wiz 18cm from Raton Worthman

Mignon Plush Wiz 18cm from Raton Worthman

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Cute Raton Lauveur Looker Super Chou, Citoyant Eyes.

This irresistible

This plush is literally broken with his small legs, super soft brown and white, and with his big golden eyes that no one can resist! P>

Your child will feel a wave of sweetness and sensitivity every time he looks at him, and he will hug him in his arms to fall asleep.

Thanks to the reduced size of 18 cm, this small raccoon will follow Bout'chou everywhere and accompany all his adventures throughout his childhood.


Toy Details:

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  • Filling polyester cotton
  • Quality Embroidery
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees
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