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Pink girl stitch hug

Pink girl stitch hug

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Stitch hug Fille Rose: the ideal companion for young and old!

The Stitch hug Fille Rose is the perfect hug for both children and adults! With its cute appearance and soft texture, this hug will soon conquer your heart. The stitch hug Fille Rose is part of our popular stitch hug collection, which a wide range of hugs Offers in different sizes and shapes. Whether you are looking for a bear, a cat, a dinosaur, a giraffe, a rabbit, a tiger, a unicorn or a dragon, we have the perfect cuddle animal for you!

Features of the Stitch Hug Folde Rose based on the product description

  • Format : 20 cm
  • Material : cotton
  • Ultra Soft

Advantages of the stitch hug fille rose

With the stitch hug Fille Rose you not only get a cute hug in the house, but also an emotional anchor and source of comfort for your child. This hug is perfectly suited as a gift for all kinds of occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. Thanks to the extensive choice of hugs in our collection, there is something for everyone, whether you are a boy or a girl. The Stitch Hug Folde Rose is an absolute must-have for young parents who are looking for the perfect gift for their children!

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