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Rose Sewing Plush

Rose Sewing Plush

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Your child's imagination wake up: Discover thousands of faces of sewing plush l2>
Bout de chou plush The charm of this famous animation character is coming to life in your child's arms .

An infinite sensitivity: Adopt the sewing plot for magical moments! h3>

Embroidery thanks and meticulous thanks, sewing is not just a plush animal, but also a companion celebrating joy would be a relaxing and Innocence. This Plush Wiz Plush is ready to accompany your child wherever he goes.

The cheerful face will arouse a feeling of commitment and compassion in Progenstrong>.

soft texture > All day.

Data-MCE-Fragment = "1" Data-Mce-Style = "Font-Weaght: 400;"> will make your child smile at any moment.

a gift that warms the hearts and adopts our sewing plush for moments of infinite sensitivity.


  • Data-MCE-Fragment = "1" Data-Mce-Style = "Font-Weaght: 400;"> Fill: Cotton PP
  • Data-MCE-Fragment = "1" Data-Mce-Style = "Font-Weaght: 400;"> Material: Cotton
  • Data-MCE-Fragment = "1" Data-MCE-Style = "Font-Weaght: 400;"> Age: 12 + Y, 18 +, 14 + y Data-MCE-Fragment = "1" Data-Mce-Style = "Font-Weaght: 400;"> Species: Plush/Nano baby
  • Data-MCE-Fragment = "1" Data-Mce-Style = "Font-Weaght: 400;"> Features: Thin hair & amp; Pelicles

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