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Great Giant Plush Wiz in MATİ, Mati Kapüşonlu Ter

Great Giant Plush Wiz in MATİ, Mati Kapüşonlu Ter

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What is better A nice plush? Style = "Font-Office: 400;"> you need. Sweatshirt with hoods is comfortable and pleasant to him.

100 cm h3>

100 cm measuring, so there is no excuse not to benefit from the embrace of large .

, always there when you need it.

My tortope jets in my collection are waiting for you!

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  • Registered age: + 3 years + 0 months
  • The battery works: no
  • Lights: No
  • requires a assembly: no
  • Voice: No
  • Approximately dimensions. : 100 cm
  • Species: Toy Bear
  • Design: Hooded Sweatshirt
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Matching drawings sent randomly according to the current stock
  • The image may not show all models available.
  • Product under official license. Hidden rights for original owners.

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