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Big Dev Plush Wiz Plush Jas Girafe 100 cm

Big Dev Plush Wiz Plush Jas Girafe 100 cm

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Large giant jacket Jas Giraffe toilet 100 cm - Ideal Gift for All Situations

This Plush giraffe is more than pleasant. It embodies sweetness and comfort, making birthdays an ideal gift for Christmas and many other special days.

Large giant Plush Wiz Plush Jas Giraaff 100 cm Best Baby Plush features. h3>

100 cm perfect size, very small This Big Plush Wiz Plush , is weighted to provide a pleasant feeling to your child. .

Made of high quality materials, is environmentally friendly, which makes it safe. Ideal friend It can also be used as a personalized pillow for Gosses and bring them comfortable before bedtime.


  • Registered age: + 3 years
  • Approximately dimensions. : 100 cm
  • Model: Giraffe
  • Product under official license. Hidden rights for original owners.

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