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Shaymin 20cm quilt

Shaymin 20cm quilt

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Shaymin Plush, the smallest and cute legendary Pokémons.

This cute was found in front of Shaymin, the small plant -type hedgehog with the power to purify the air around it.

This little Pokemon is as strong as it is cute and you want to be in your team.

Loving little eyes, sweet jacket and polyester cotton filling makes this pellet a fluffy friend we want to wrap into its arms.

This plush machine can be washed and easily transported, so don't wait anymore, catch Shaymin before continuing its celestial shape and flowing into the sky!

Toy Details:

  • Data-MCE-Style = "Metin-Decoration: Underline;"> Composition
  • Data-MCE-Style = "Metin-Decoration: Six Line;
  • Filling polyester cotton
  • Quality Embroidery
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees
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