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Pluche Plush Wiz | Tortoise

Pluche Plush Wiz | Tortoise

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Cute turtle with a fins and large shelled 40-60 cm with 40-60 cm

Your Loulou will definitely love it. This sea turtle, which uses soft cotton, is an ideal quilt for a little lack of love.

Your child will like to squeeze him in his arms to feel good. In addition, long fins and heads are covered with a colorful printed coating that gives a magnificent attraction. In addition, this plush turtle is a bedroom decoration as much as a velvet friend.

Details of the Turtle:

  • Data-MCE-Style = "Metin-Decoration: Underline;"> Composition
  • Data-MCE-Style = "Metin-Decoration: Underline;"> Dimensions: 40-60 cm
  • Cotton Polyester Hypoallergenic Filling
  • Quality Embroidery
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees
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