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Turtle Turtle Turtle 35 cm

Turtle Turtle Turtle 35 cm

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yellow and green down 35 cm with 35 cm of the legend of the terrestrial turtle

This Slean next to the terrestrial turtle plus, silky wool and small eyes will crack you. Young children love their sweetness and 4 velvet legs. The green and yellow shell of this plush consists of hypoallergenic wool, ideal for the safety of infants. Place this turtle plush on your baby's bed and tell him a rhyme to find sleep.


  • ​​Composition: High Quality Wool and Cotton
  • ​​dimensions : 35 cm
  • ​​weight: 440 g
  • ​​color: Green and yellow
  • polyester cotton fill
  • Quality sewing
  • Birth adapted Cannot be boarded in the store
  • The machine can be washed: maximum 40 degrees

Wash the terrestrial plush:

  • Enter a clean cloth and soak the soapy water. Lightly rub the dirt points to clean your plush. The washing machine is a reliable option, but remember to set the temperature at 40 °.
  • Suspended outdoors to dry your turtle.

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